FAQs: Borrowing Materials

What if I damage or lose a library item?

Notify library staff as soon as possible if an item becomes damaged or is lost. Lost or damaged materials must be paid for, plus a $6 processing fee. GRRL does not accept replacement copies of items. Items not returned after 45 days will be marked as “lost” and a bill will be sent. If the item is not returned and all late fees not paid within the following 21 days, the account may be referred to the collection agency.

What do I do if a DVD or CD I checked out is too scratched to play?

Because GRRL circulates thousands of discs each year, it is inevitable that items will wear out and need to be repaired or replaced. GRRL has a disc cleaning machine that repairs scratched or dirty CDs and DVDs.

To report a damaged disc, please indicate the problem on the disc care insert found inside each case and return the item to any GRRL library.

GRRL is not responsible for damage to equipment that occurs while using library materials.

What happens if I forget to return my materials on time?

Great River assesses a fine if you fail to return your materials on time.  Children's DVD and VHS late charges are 10 cents/day. Late charge on other VHS items is 25 cents/day, and on other DVDs $1/day. The overdue charge on other children's materials is 10 cents/day. The overdue charge on other materials is 25 cents/day. The maximum fine for an overdue item or renewal is $6.