What happens if I forget to return my materials on time?

Great River Regional Library does not charge overdue fines for juvenile and young adult items, however if items are not returned they may be set to "lost" and replacement costs will be charged to the account. Please note that if young borrowers check out items that are not marked juvenile or young adult, those items will accrue overdue fines.

For all general items (not juvenile or young adult), daily charges are assessed for each item that is not returned on time, up to a total of $6 per item per checkout. Fines vary by type of item. A list of these fines, as well as other related information, can be found on the Fines & Fees answer page.

After 45 days overdue, items are automatically set to "lost" and the patron is charged the cost of the item/s as well as a processing fee. This includes juvenile and young adult items. If the items are returned undamaged in a timely manner, the item costs and processing fees may be removed from charges.

Accounts owing $25 or more for may be sent to collections if unpaid within 30 days.

Items from the digital library are automatically "returned" once their loan period is up, so there are no fines or fees associated with these items.