What is my Personal Identification Number (PIN)?

A PIN is a 4 digit number that acts like a password when logging into your online account or using any Great River Regional Library public internet computer.

If you've forgotten your PIN or want to change it, you can reset your PIN in one of two ways:

  • Use the Change My PIN tab in your account.
  • Go in person to one of our locations during open hours.
  • Please note: Library staff cannot reset PINs over the phone or via email or online chat.

Tips for a secure PIN:

  • Do not use a string of numbers (e.g. 1234) or the same number repeated (e.g. 4444).
  • Do not use the last four digits of your social security card or phone number.
  • Do not use the birthdates, anniversary, or other significant dates for yourself or family members.
  • To help you remember your PIN, think of a word that corresponds to letters on a keypad (e.g. 4247 for "hair" or 7609 for "sn0w").