DVDs And Videos

GRRL's large collection of video on DVD and VHS includes numerous 'how-to' titles, from horse training to watercolor painting.

We have popular movies to suit all interests and a strong collection of children's movies.

The Collection includes hard-to-find titles such as foreign films, silent screen classics and Criterion Collection movies, a brand known for high quality video releases of significant films.

Looking for the best? Try our list of of the American Film Institute's 100 Greatest Movies.

Databases & Other Digital Collections

The Library is also online!

Great River Regional Library provides access to a wealth of information and entertainment through our online services. There are many doors to the online world of GRRL.

The library catalog shows you library materials including links to eBooks and eAudiobooks.

Our databases are gold mines of articles from magazines, encyclopedias and other information sources. GRRL subscribes to:


GRRL provides access to a E-books from several sources:

Great River Digital Library with Overdrive

GRRL residents* with a valid library card can download eBooks and eAudiobooks to a variety of devices and computers.

* Residents of Benton, Morrison, Sherburne, Stearns, Todd and Wright Counties are eligible for this service with a valid GRRL Library Card. All charges on a library card account must be paid before accessing the service. Credit card payment options are available.

Parent's Guide To GRRL Video Collections

Great River Regional Libraries offer a wide variety of Video material on DVD & VHS to meet the needs of library patrons of all ages. GRRL makes this material available with one restriction: material with an MPAA (Motion Picture Association of America) R rating cannot be checked out by anyone with a minor card (under 17) or anyone under the age of 17 (minors) on another person's card.

GRRL adds one of three kinds of label information to videos:

Book Club Kits

Book Club Kits

GRRL provides Book Club Kits, bags or boxes containing multiple copies of a book (usually including an audiobook version and a large print version) as well as a study guide for use by book clubs. The kits check out just like books, but for six (6) weeks instead of three (3).