DVDs And Videos

GRRL's large collection of video on DVD and VHS includes numerous 'how-to' titles, from horse training to watercolor painting.

We have popular movies to suit all interests and a strong collection of children's movies.

You will find a shortcut to many of the new titles on the New, Best & Fun lists for DVD - Documentaries & How-To Films and DVD - U. S. & Foreign Feature Films.

The Collection includes hard-to-find titles such as foreign films, silent screen classics and Criterion Collection movies, a brand known for high quality video releases of significant films.

Searching tip: At the basic search screen, type DVD or video after your title keywords.

Copyright law limits Home Use Only video materials to viewing by an individual, a family, and/or a group of friends. Certain uses in classroom or nursing home settings may be permissible. Please check with library staff. Copying or dubbing of copyright protected materials is illegal.

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