GRRL Administration Policies

  1. Introduction
  2. Cooperation for Development of Public Library Service
  3. Organizational
  4. Service Policies
  5. Administration Policies

Chapter I. Introduction

Purpose: These Service and Administration Policies have been prepared as guidelines to the operation of the library within the structure of its mission to the communities we serve. These Policies shall be subject to review. Procedural interpretation and implementation shall be at the discretion of the Executive Director.

  1. The library shall assemble, organize, preserve and make easily available library materials in accordance with the Collection Development Policy adopted by this Board.
  2. The staff will promote the resources and services of the library to encourage use by our customers.
  3. To this end, the library staff shall be expected to know the resources of the Great River Regional Library and the availability of resources of other libraries in the area.

The term library used throughout this Policy is meant to convey all Great River Regional Library locations.

Approved Date: prior to 11/2010
Effective Date:
Revised Date:

Chapter II. Cooperation for Development of Public Library Service

The library shall maintain institutional memberships in the American Library Association and the Minnesota Library Association.

To develop and increase effective library service, and to strengthen resources, the library shall cooperate with and take advantage of the services offered by the Department of Education Office of Education Support. The development of maximum effective library service shall be promoted through cooperation with other libraries and institutions in the area and state, through membership in the Central Minnesota Library Exchange (CMLE), and through participation in Council of Regional Public Library Administrators (CRPSLA), MINITEX Library Information Network and Minnesota Library Information Network (MnLINK).

Recognizing the advantage to the citizens of the community, the library will participate in such cooperative services as the reciprocal book return, interlibrary loans, library delivery and such other services as may be economically feasible and efficient. Generally, the library shall not duplicate special services being furnished to agencies or individuals in the community by another library system, but will promote and advertise the availability of these services.

Approved Date: prior to 11/2010
Effective Date:
Revised Date:

Chapter III. Organizational

Chapter IV: Service Policies

Chapter 4A. Individuals

The library user needs are top priorities for Great River Regional Library. Our goal is to anticipate those needs, fulfill them the best we can, and provide our users with a rewarding and enriching experience.

Library service, both to those who enter the library and to those who cannot, shall be based on the principle that an individual may be motivated to read, assisted in locating appropriate materials and information, and helped in the mechanics of the use of the library tools and materials insofar as time and resources are available. Materials that are not owned by the library shall be made available, when possible, for customers through interlibrary loan from other libraries. Telephone and online reference service will be available.

Guidance to the individual may be by personal consultation, lists of materials, displays, instruction in use of the library, use of online services, as well as through group participation in library related activities, and through means of mass media.

Approved Date: prior to 11/2010
Effective Date:
Revised Date:

Chapter 4B. Groups

Appropriate means will be used to encourage the use of books and other materials, either in the library or community, through the availability of library material-related programs. Assistance to groups may include furnishing materials related to group programs and providing speakers on the resources and services of the library including availability of meeting rooms and community bulletin boards.

Approved Date: prior to 11/2010
Effective Date:
Revised Date:

Chapter 4C. Community Relations

Great River Regional Library will keep citizens informed about library issues and services and obtain feedback about citizen concerns to engage its citizens in the development and use of GRRL services.

  1. Friends of the Library/Library Support Groups. Recognizing that Friends of the Library or other library-support groups can generate goodwill for GRRL through lobbying, advocacy, volunteerism, and fundraising, GRRL welcomes the interest of these groups, formed for the purpose of preserving and strengthening libraries, and creating awareness and appreciation of library services.

    Books and other materials withdrawn from the library's collection may be given to the St. Cloud Friends. Such items may then be sold and the proceeds used to fund library programming and services throughout the region.

  2. Volunteers.
    Volunteers (as original from the Customer Service Policy)

    Individuals and groups are encouraged to volunteer their time and energy in the service of the Great River Regional Library. Library volunteers supplement the efforts of paid library staff to provide quality library collections, services and programs and enhance the library's basic service program by performing various tasks and special projects. Volunteering serves as a method for area residents to become familiar with the library and creates opportunities for individuals to feel personal satisfaction while performing a valuable service for the community.

    • Volunteers are recruited and selected without regard to race, creed, color, sex, age, disability or relationship to a person with disabilities, marital status or religious or political belief, and are assigned according to their ability to satisfactorily meet the requirements of the assignment.
    • Volunteers are recognized by the public as representatives of the library and shall be guided by the same work and behavior codes as employees.
    • GRRL volunteers do not have any regular employee status and perform tasks for GRRL without wages, benefits, or compensation. GRRL does not provide workers compensation coverage for volunteers.
    • All volunteers will complete a volunteer application and must sign a volunteer agreement and release of liability.
    • To foster a workplace free of inappropriate behavior, all volunteers will complete GRRL training on offensive behavior.
    • Minor children may only work as volunteers with the signed consent of a parent or legal guardian on the volunteer application. Volunteers must be 12 years old.
    • Volunteers should be used only to enrich budgeted library service programs and not to replace those staff that are employed to provide the Library's regularly funded service.
  3. Organized Groups. Cooperation with organized groups in the community toward realizing the objectives of the library shall be sought and sustained.
  4. Citizen Communication. Members of the community with comments and concerns about GRRL are encouraged to share their feedback with GRRL staff or Board members. GRRL accepts feedback by telephone, mail, e-mail, and the GRRL website. Citizens may also participate in Public Open Forum sessions during GRRL Board meetings, subject to the Board of Trustees By-laws.
  5. Annual Report. A summary of the activities and services of the library shall be prepared and distributed annually. The annual report shall be made available to the public.
  6. School Libraries/Media Centers. There is an inter-relationship between libraries of all types, and services may overlap between public and non-public libraries. The public library complements and supplements the school library (media center) but carries the broader responsibility to the total community. Whenever possible, GRRL will make an effort to supplement the curriculum of local schools and develop complementary services.
  7. Donor Relations. The library will solicit and accept gifts for the benefit of the system subject to the Fund Development Policy.

Approved Date:
Effective Date:
Revised Date: 5/11/2010

Chapter 4D. Accessibility

  1. The library welcomes all users. Users are responsible to follow the locally adopted rules of behavior
  2. The rights of an individual to use the library, its services and its materials, shall not be denied or abridged because of age, race, gender, religion, national origin, sexual orientation, mental or physical handicap, or social or political views.

    It is the intent of the Great River Regional Public Library to serve everyone equally and to assure access to library materials, programs and facilities for all persons. The library will make efforts to provide reasonable accommodations as necessary under the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA).

  3. Hours of Service. The libraries shall be open the greatest number of hours needed by the community, subject to limitation of funds available to provide adequate staff. Reductions in regular hours of service shall be subject to approval by the Board. Emergency closing shall be the responsibility of the Executive Director or designee.
  4. Surveys, Solicitation and Literature Distribution.
    1. Gathering petition signatures is not allowed within library buildings. It is allowed on library property so long as doing so does not obstruct the buildings' entrances or exits.
    2. Surveys - In order to plan for new or improved services, the library may survey its customers or other residents of the community. These surveys may be conducted in the library buildings, by telephone or by mail, online or by any other appropriate method. Surveys may be designed and/or completed by staff or third party vendors or volunteers approved by the library. All survey instruments, methodology and implementation procedures must be approved by the Executive Director prior to contacting any members of the public.

      Surveys of library staff may be conducted for the purpose of pre-testing public surveys, or to obtain staff opinions on services or personnel issues. All survey instruments, methodology and implementation procedures must be approved by the Executive Director prior to contacting any members of the staff.

      Individuals or organizations that wish to conduct any type of library survey with staff or customers must receive written permission from the Executive Director.

    3. Solicitation of the staff or the public, in ways which are of benefit to the library and/or its employees, are permitted as follows:
      1. Collections for staff gifts for personal reasons such as
        retirement, illness, and other activities as approved by the Executive Director;
      2. Solicitation and/or distribution of literature to library employees by other employees may be permitted only in non-work areas and only during non-work time. Non-work areas are defined as staff rooms. Non-work time includes time allotted for lunch or dinner and break periods.

        In no event shall literature be left on tables or distributed in any manner other than directly to fellow employees, except for literature that specifically supports the library's goals for professional development in public service.

        Solicitation and/or distribution of literature to library employees by other employees for any purpose is prohibited at all times in all work areas of the library.

      3. Other solicitation which specifically support the interests of this library or libraries in general, as approved by the Executive Director.

Approved Date:
Effective Date:
Revised Date: 5/11/10

Chapter V. Administration Policies

Chapter 5A. Organization - Facilities

The Great River Regional Library shall provide comprehensive library resources and services for the communities we serve.

Centralized services and administration including accounting, human resources, public relations, information technology, and collection development is housed within the St. Cloud branch.

In addition to housing the administrative functions, the St. Cloud branch will hold a strong reference resource for the community with a broad range of materials, electronic and traditional, both circulating and non-circulating, for adults and children, consistent with the standards of the Collection Policy.

All branch libraries shall provide library service to their communities and neighborhoods, which reflects those community interests. This service should include: maintaining popular circulating and general reference collections; providing quick reference and information; access to electronic resources; providing access to resources at the resources libraries and planning and conducting programs.

Approved Date:
Effective Date:
Revised Date: 5/11/10

Chapter 5B. Organization - Staff

The library staff is committed to providing excellent customer service, following the library's customer service standards, and creating good rapport with the community. They shall be alert to recent developments in librarianship and new avenues of service. Staff may be called upon to interpret the rules and regulations of the library. The services available shall be limited only by the creative imagination of the staff and the funds available. Programs are offered that are of interest to our patrons and to the communities we serve. Often, staff, because of their training or personal expertise, will actually provide programs to children, young adults and adults; often, staff create the concept and arrange for outside speakers or presenters. The staff shall maintain communication with other staff members, colleagues within the area and with community sources of information and development.

Approved Date:
Effective Date:
Revised Date: 5/11/10

Chapter 5C. Materials Collection

  1. Classification. The Dewey Decimal Classification as currently in national use shall be the classification system for the library's materials.
  2. Selection and Evaluation. All selection is subject to the Collection Development Policy of this Board.
  3. Inventory. A record of the quantities of the materials holdings shall be maintained and included in the annual report to the Board.

Approved Date: prior to 11/2010
Effective Date:
Revised Date:

Chapter 5D. Circulation Services

  1. Registration - GRRL subscribes to the Minnesota Reciprocal Borrowing Compact.
  2. Confidentiality of Identifiable Information About library Users. Great River Regional Staff will follow state statute in regard to circulation and other records which indicate the identity of library users, especially as they connect library users with materials or services used. Such records are confidential. This confidentiality extends to information sought or received, including library materials consulted or borrowed, database search records, Internet sites, reference interviews, circulation records, registration records (except name) and all other personally identifiable uses of library materials, facilities or services.

    Such information may not be disclosed, except to:

    1. Persons acting within the scope of their duties in the administration and management of the library or library system.
    2. An agency or individual or any local, state or federal government, pursuant to a process, subpoena or court order authorized pursuant to a federal, state, or local law relating to civil, criminal, administrative or legislative investigative power.
    3. Persons authorized by the individual to inspect the individual's record.
    4. Parents/guardians of minor children with proper identification.

    All requests for confidential information must be forwarded to the director or designee. The library director may seek legal advice in the event of such request and will respond to the request according to advice of counsel.

  3. Borrowing Regulations
    1. Borrowing privileges shall be limited or denied when large fines or other charges are unpaid.
    2. Materials may be returned to any library in Minnesota
    3. A limited fine shall be charged for overdue materials. A borrower shall be notified when library materials are overdue. When necessary, and upon notification of the borrower, fines not paid will be sent to a collection agency and may be subject to Revenue Recapture processes.
    4. Lost and Damaged Materials. The borrower is responsible for materials charged out from the library on his/her card. The indicated price shall be the general guide in charges for damages or losses plus processing fee.
  4. Length of Loans. The majority of the materials of the library shall circulate for a period of 21 days. Information concerning the current circulation and renewal periods may be found on the library's Web site or obtained at any branch.

Approved Date:
Effective Date:
Revised Date: 05/11/10, 05/17/16

Chapter 5E. Data Practices Policy

Data Practices Policy


Property Disposal Policy

Disposal of obsolete and non-functional equipment by GRRL staff may be done by authorization of the Executive Director. An itemized list of all equipment disposed should be maintained for inventory and audit purposes. Equipment must be disposed in a manner compliant with all federal and state laws and environmental regulations. Equipment to be disposed may be donated to non-profit organizations or sold by auction or other means as possible, or recycled in a manner consistent with state and local regulations. Equipment which cannot be disposed by any other means may be discarded in a manner compliant with state and local regulations. At the request of the GRRL Board of Trustees or auditor itemized lists of disposed equipment will be presented.

Approved Date: prior to 11/2010
Effective Date:
Revised Date:

Interpretations of the Library Bill of Rights