GRRL Administration Policies

Chapter 1. Cooperation for Development of Public Library Service
Chapter 2. Organization
Chapter 3. Community Relations
Chapter 4. Service
Chapter 5. Data Practices
Chapter 6. Conflict Of Interest


Administration Policies have been prepared as guidelines to the operation of the library within the structure of its mission to the communities we serve. These policies shall be subject to review. Procedural interpretation and implementation shall be at the discretion of the Executive Director.

  1. The library shall assemble, organize, preserve and make easily available library materials in accordance with the Collection Development Policy adopted by this Board.
  2. The staff will promote the resources and services of the library to encourage use by our patrons.
  3. To this end, the library staff shall be expected to know the resources of Great River Regional Library and the availability of resources of other libraries in the area.

The term “library” used throughout this policy is meant to convey all Great River Regional Library locations.

Approved Date: prior to 11/2010
Effective Date:
Revised Date: 03/19/19