Early literacy begins with you. Help your child get ready to read with simple activities you can do any time!

Mommy and Babies
Mama tiger, mama tiger
What do you see?
I see a baby cub looking at me.

Other verses:
Mama/Papa Frog – Tadpole
Mama/Papa Deer – Fawn
Mama/Papa Horse – Colt

Farm visit
Visit a farm or petting zoo with your child.  Ask them questions about how the animal's fur or skin feels, what sounds the animals make, what do the animals smell like, what animals are your favorites and why, and so on. Let your child ask questions too. Try to keep the conversation going back and forth 5 times.

Baby Chick Thumbprints
Start with a piece of paper and somefinger paint. Dip your child's thumb into yellow paint and make thumb prints on paper. After paint dries, let your child use a black crayon or marker to draw on eyes, legs, and beaks on baby chicks. Ask your child to draw in a background around the chicks.

Nesting Time
Place some plastic eggs under a large fluffy pillow. Have child sit on the pillow and pretend to be a lizard, dinosaur, chicken or platypus.  You can also play games such as guessing how many eggs are under the pillow.  Count them together!

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