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Early literacy begins with you. Help your child get ready to read with simple activities you can do any time!

This is the way
(Sung to: "The Mulberry Bush")
This is the way we put on our pants, put on our pants, put on our pants,
This is the way we put on our pants, Early in the morning

Other verses:
Shirt, skirt, socks, shoes, hat, coat

Catalog Craft
Explore a clothing catalog with your child.  Look at all the types of clothing, and tell your child the names of various articles of clothing.  Ask them which items they like best and why.  Help your child cut out at least five favorites and glue them to a large piece of paper.  Encourage them to talk about their choices.

Fabric Painting
Give your child a plain white t-shirt and some fabric paints.  Help them make a t-shirt for someone special.  Encourage them to draw or write whatever they like.

Silly Dress-up Day
Pretend you are going to an silly day celebration.  Ask your child pick out an outfit for you from your closet, while you pick out an outfit for them from their closet.  Encourage them to choose something very silly, such as mismatched shoes or combining dressy clothes with pajamas.

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