Early literacy begins with you. Help your child get ready to read with simple activities you can do any time!

(Sung to: “Are You Sleeping”)
Where is toy truck? Where is toy truck?
In the sand, in the sand,
Watch him haul the sand now,
Watch him haul the sand now,
Sandbox fun, sandbox fun.

Other verses:
Duck – Watch her surf the sand now
Doll – Running on the sand now

Toys At Night
Ask your child what he thinks his toys do at night when he's sleeping. Do they play games, go outside for an adventure, watch TV or even make a snack in the kitchen? Try to keep the conversation going back and forth at least five times.

Dream Toy
Ask your child to draw a picture of their dream toy!  Have stickers, glitter, foam shapes, buttons and other small objects around for them to add to the picture.  Encourage them to name their toy and write words to describe it.

Toy Hospital
Gather some of your child's toys and help them create a toy hospital.   Your child can wear a large white shirt for a lab coat.  Sick toys can get tucked in and their temperature taken.  Broken toys can be bandaged up and healthy toys can be put in their own little play area.

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