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Early literacy begins with you. Help your child get ready to read with simple activities you can do any time!

The Weather Song
(Sung to: “Bingo”)
There was a time when we got wet
And rainy was the weather.
R-A-I-N-Y, R-A-I-N-Y, R-A-I-N-Y
And rainy was the weather.

Weather Sense
Every type of weather brings different sights, sounds, scents and feelings. Ask your child to stand quietly outside on a  rainy, windy, snowy and even summer day and tell you what she hears, smells, and sees. Ask them how the day makes them feel and what it makes them feel like doing.

Windy Masterpiece
Put a large piece of plain white paper in a large box. Dip three ping pong balls in small cups of watered down paint. Using a plastic spoon, drop each ball in the box on the paper and use a hair dryer to create a wind storm and blow the balls around.  Once dry ask your child to draw things in the wind storm.

Put on rain boots, grab an umbrella and splash in the puddles during or after the rain. Sing a song to celebrate the rainy day.

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