Early literacy begins with you. Help your child get ready to read with simple activities you can do any time!

Keeper In The Zoo (Sung To: Farmer In The Dell)
The keeper in the zoo, the keeper in the zoo,
Heigh-ho! The derry-o! The keeper in the zoo.
The keeper feeds the (bears). The keeper feeds the (bears).
Heigh-ho. The derry-o! The keeper feeds the (bears).
Continue with monkeys, lions, birds, etc.

Zoo Trip
Take a trip to the zoo, or go online to your favorite zoo, or check out a zoo video and watch it. Talk with your child about the different animals. Encourage your child to ask questions. Try to keep the conversation going back and forth five times.

Letter Zoo
Draw the letter S on a piece of paper. Encourage your child to change the S into a snake by using crayons and markers to add a head, tail, tongue, and pattern on the body. Now encourage your child to turn a B into a hippo (bumps up). Draw other letters and encourage him to change them into other animals until you have a zoo!

Animal Rescue
Hide stuffed animals or pictures of zoo animals all around the room. Let the children pretend they are going out to rescue the animals and bring them back to the zoo. For younger children tell them how many animals each child should bring back. For older children give them a paper with a picture and name of each animal hidden. As a child finds an animal, he marks off the animal on his paper.

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