Early literacy begins with you. Help your child get ready to read with simple activities you can do any time!

Little Bear
(Sung to: Frere Jacques)
Are you sleeping, are you sleeping, Little bear, little bear?
You will sleep all winter, through the cold, cold winter,
Little bear, little bear.
Are you sleeping, are you sleeping, Little Bear, little bear?
You will wake in springtime, in the warm, warm springtime,
Little bear, little bear.

What Do Bears Eat?
While shopping, berry picking, or camping, talk about kinds of foods bears eat. What kinds of foods do both people and bears eat? Look around for “bear food”. Maybe you will see fish in a stream, berries on a plant, or honey in a store. Try to keep the conversation going back and forth 5 times.

Bear Face
Take a paper plate and have your child draw a big bear face the plate.  Have them flatten two cupcake liners and glue them behind the top of the plate for bear ears.  Encourage him to name the bear and to write it on the plate.

Bear Toss
Place stuffed teddy bears in the middle of a blanket. Children firmly hold the edges of the blanket and toss the bears up high. Let them guess which bear might go the highest, which bear might fall off, and so on.  Ask them about what the bears might be thinking or make up a story about them.

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