Early literacy begins with you. Help your child get ready to read with simple activities you can do any time!

Leaves Are Falling
(Sung to: “Are you sleeping”)
Red leaves falling, Red leaves falling
On the ground, on the ground
Autumn time is coming, autumn time is coming
All around, all around

Leaf Walk
Spend some time outdoors with your child playing in the leaves.  Ask your child how the leaves feel, sound and smell.  Talk about the colors and shapes of the leaves.  Try to keep the conversation going back and forth 5 times

Leaf Art
Bring some dry leaves into the house and lay them underneath a piece of white paper.  Rub a peeled crayon sideways over the paper to capture the "picture" of the leaf.  Have them add faces, draw other leaves, or add details to their picture.

Leaf Scrunch
Collect some leaves the next time you play outside.  Bring them inside and dump them into a box.  Encourage your child to crush the leaves between their  fingers.  Use the leaf scraps to make a fall picture by gluing them onto paper or droping them onto the sticky side of contact paper.  Ask your child what is going on in the picture.

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