Early literacy begins with you. Help your child get ready to read with simple activities you can do any time!

You are My Princess
(Sung to: “You are my sunshine”)
You are the princess, the lovely princess
You have a crown, That shines so bright.
You help your kingdom, And love your subjects.
You are a brave And strong princess wow!

Princess Talk
Talk with your child about princess they see in the movies and books.  What do they like about them?  What do they wish was different?  What about the princesses friends?  Try to keep the conversation going back and forth five times.

Sparkling Princess
Help your child write "Princess (her name)" on a colored sheet of paper. Then have her trace over her name using a glue stick or white school glue. Sprinkle glitter on top to make your princess sparkle!

Princess Pretend
Create princess puppets with wooden spoons for the face, a washcloth for the dress, and felt for the hair.  Help your child put on a royal ball or fashion show!  If they have stuffed animals have a rodeo!  Make up more adventures.

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