Early literacy begins with you. Help your child get ready to read with simple activities you can do any time!

Down by the Seashore
(Sung to: “Down by the station”)
Down by the seashore, early in the morning
See all the big ships, floating on the sea,
See the happy people, playing in the water,
Splash, splash, whee, whee! I love the sea! 

A Seaside Story
Make up a story about going to the sea with your child. Who would go? Where would you stay? What would you do? What would you see? Put the story down on paper and read it together.

Under the Sea
Ask your child to draw an underwater scene on a plain paper plate with markers or crayons.  When they're done cover the plate with blue plastic wrap for the ocean!

Sharky Sharky What Time Is It
One person is the Shark, who stands in the middle of the yard while the others are the Small Fish stand at the edge of the yard. The Small Fish ask, "Sharky, Sharky what time is it?" The Shark decides on a time like 3:00 and the Small Fish have to take that many steps forward. As the Small Fish get closer the Shark will say, "Lunch Time!" and all the Small Fish have to run to the edge of the yard without getting tagged.

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