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Early literacy begins with you. Help your child get ready to read with simple activities you can do any time!

Bear Song
(Sung to: Row, Row, Row, Your Boat)
Hug, hug, hug your bear
Squeeze him very tight
Hold him high
Help him fly
Then hug with all your might.

Different Kinds of Bears
Look at different kinds of bears in books, online, in videos, on TV, in the toy store, or at the zoo. Talk with your child about how the bears are alike and different. What are the names of the different kinds of bears? Encourage your child to ask questions. Try to keep the conversation going back and forth 5 times.

Bear’s Place
Give your child a graham cracker or paper bear and ask them about where bears live. Let the child draw a home for the bear (a cave,a patch of ice on the water, a brush pile, a hole in a tree etc.) on a piece of paper.  They can glue the bear to it's home and decorate it with grass, twigs, leaves, cotton balls for snow, and more!

Teddy Bear Picnic
Have a picnic with your teddy bears! Spread a blanket on the grass or floor.  Let children gather their bears, decide what to eat, and what friends, real and stuffed, to invite.  See what they imagine!

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