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Friend of Mine
(Sung to: "Mary Had a Little Lamb")
Will you be a friend of mine? Friend of mine? Friend of mine?
Will you be a Friend of Mine?I am your friend.

Other verses: Friends are for sharing things, Friends are for playing with

Friend Time
Ask your child about their friends. What do they like? What are they afraid of? Is there anything that they have in common? Try to keep the conversation going back and forth at least 5 times.

To My Friend
Ask your child to draw a picture for his friend showing something they like to do together. Encourage your child to write the friend's name and his own name. Then send it in the mail or go visit them.

Making a Friend
As your child and their friend to lay down on the sidewalk and trace around them with chalk. Let them draw the faces and decorate them. Ask them about their new sidewalk friend.

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