How do you let me know my requested items have arrived?

You may choose to have e-mail notification when your requests are ready for pick-up. Choosing e-mail notification also allows you to receive notification three days before a checked out item is due (note: non-receipt of a notice does not release you from your obligation to return items by their due dates). To help ensure e-mail delivery, add us to your e-mail contacts:

If you prefer, you may be notified by automated telephone call instead of e-mail.

You may also choose to receive a letter in the mail. This is the default notification if no e-mail address or phone number has been provided on your account.

Finally, logging into your account at the top of this page will allow you to see the status of your requested items - inculding when they have arrived at your library and are ready for pick-up.

On the digital library, you may choose to have holds (requested items) automatically checkout when they become available, or choose to receive email notification to check them out yourself when you are ready to read.

See also: How long will you hold my requested item for me?