Private donations help the library go beyond the basic services supported by tax dollars. Donations are used to fund literacy initiatives, materials, technology and other benefits to library users.

General Donation. Revenue from general donations can be targeted to make a difference wherever there is an area of need. Make a General Donation Online

Annual Appeal. The library’s major fundraising effort is the Annual Appeal in November. Revenues from the Annual Appeal help to bridge a gap between library funding levels and the cost of providing library services. Make an Annual Appeal Donation Online

Locally Growin.' This March fundraiser raises money for unique things chosen by each branch of Great River Regional Library. Make a Locally Growin' Donation Online

Own-A-Day. You can sponsor a day in the life of your local library through Own-A-Day. Choose any day in the calendar year, and you'll be recognized for your $100 gift to support library services. Make an Own A Day Donation Online

Summer Reading Program. More than 10,000 children take part in the Summer Reading Program. The Summer Reading Program appeal solicits gifts that fund all the elements which make the program a success, such as prizes, promotional materials and reading incentives. Make a Summer Reading Program Donation Online

Winter Reading Program. The Winter Reading Program provides a reading focus for teens and adults and depends on donations for all promotional materials and prizes.