Why Give

Covering six counties, Great River Regional Library serves many communities with varying needs and interests. As communities continue to evolve, the Library has a greater demand to provide the best quality for more services and resources. Financially supporting Great River Regional Library provides the ability to enhance new collections and provide innovative library services. 

Where does the money go?

Undesignated (general) funds are divided into three categories: collection, programming, communications.  On the dollar, 55 percent will be utilized in the library's collection, 25 percent will be put toward programming, and 20 percent will assist communications. Donors have the freedom to choose whether their donation is considered undesignated or designated to a specific branch/project/material. 


Collections and services that are made possible 100% through donations:

  • Brain Fitness Kits
  • Lucky Day collection
  • Try It Yourself kits
  • Binge Boxes
  • MNwrites MNreads
  • CD drawer shelving
  • Summer Reading Program
  • Winter Reading Program
  • Friends Meet Friends event
  • Locally Growin'


Collections and services that are enhanced/expanded with the help of donations:

  • Digital Library
  • Book Club Kits
  • Battle of the Books
  • Streaming service "hoopla"


Collections and services that are made possible with grants and designated gifts:

  • Memory Boxes
  • Telescope project