Summer Reading Program - Forensic Science

What is Forensic Science?

You might think of forensics as one single scientific field, but it’s actually a combination of applied sciences used for the purpose of solving crimes.

FingerprintThere’s evidence all around you!
Here are a few types:
• Prints and markings (fingerprints, tire prints, foot prints)
• Blood splatter/DNA
• Pollen
• Chemicals in blood and body fluids
• Hairs and fibers
• Bugs living on dead bodies
Any of these and more can be used to reconstruct crime scenes and point to the criminals.

Forensics @ home – you can collect evidence wherever you are

Fingerprinting – use this tutorial to learn how to take your own finger prints and compare them to your friends.

Chromatography – watch this video to learn how to test pens and markers to see if they match the criminals note.

Blood stainForensics in the field – leave these to the experts

Blood splatter – gooey, grisly, and gory.
Background -

Autopsies – let the body do the talking.

Try it out
See what it’s like to solve a crime using forensic science, CSI style

Want to learn more? Check out this Massively Open Online Course (MOOC). It’s completely free and self-paced.