Regional Library System Opens Library Store

St. Cloud, MN, December 2011: Great River Regional Library (GRRL) has opened an online Great River Store selling clothing and other items featuring the Great River Regional Library logo.

“We have more than 130,000 library cardholders across Central Minnesota, and we know that many consider themselves not just library users but library supporters,” said Julie Henne, the library’s coordinator for Communications and Fund Development. “This store is a great way for them to show that support in a public way.”

The store is available through the library’s website at Current offerings include seasonal items such as fleece hats, mittens and jackets for adults, gift certificates, bags and even infant clothing.

“I’m hopeful that we can expand the offerings one day to include jewelry or reading lamps or other items,” Henne said. “We’re taking small steps at the moment until we see how popular the idea is.” Customers can order online by credit card and receive their purchases directly at home by mail. They are not required to be library cardholders to make a purchase.

The items are good quality, they are affordable, and library staff hope people will enjoy them, Henne said. “We say this all the time, but it’s appropriate: visit the Great River Store and check it out!”