Library Looks for Feedback on Open Hours

St. Cloud, MN, August 2013: Great River Regional Library (GRRL) wants to know when you’d like to use the library.

The library has posted an open hours survey on its website, Staff want to know:

•   Which GRRL location you use the most
•   Whether you would prefer the library to be open the same hours each day or a range of morning, afternoon, and evening hours
•   What day(s) of the week you use the library
•   Which day of the week you wish the library was open
•   What time of day you are most likely to use the library
•   Which time of day you wish the library was open

GRRL is the library system that operates 32 public libraries in Benton, Morrison, Sherburne, Stearns, Todd and Wright Counties. GRRL provides the staff, materials and technology for library service; local municipalities provide the buildings. Open hours are set by GRRL.

Library open hours range from 20 to 59 hours per week, depending on activity level and community size. In general, the libraries in small communities are open fewer hours than those in larger communities. GRRL staff review library use each year, determining not only the quantity of material checked out, but also the times of day when libraries are busiest.

“A lot of what goes on at the library is recorded on our computers. That information provides a mine of data we are able to use to determine how busy we are,” said Karen Pundsack, GRRL’s Patron Services Coordinator. “What we don’t know is how many people might use the library if the hours changed. We hope the survey can provide some of that information.” Evaluating open hours and making adjustments to enhance patron access is a priority written into the library’s strategic plan.

The survey will be available through August. Staff will review the data and make any necessary changes for 2014.