Elk River Rooms

Study Room Summary

Study rooms must be reserved before use. You can sign up to use the room from any PAC station in the library. Each room holds a maximum of four people.

You agree to the following rules:

  • You will supervise the conduct of the members of your group the entire time participants are in the building or surrounding grounds and use only the space approved for use
  • Leave space in a clean, orderly fashion, including replacing items used to their original position
  • Comply with all City ordinances, Minnesota State Statues, Federal laws and the established rules for use
  • The permit holder assumes full responsibility for any unlawful act committed in the exercise of the permit
  • Violation of these rules may result in the termination of the event, and the loss of opportunity to use the facility in the future
  • First priority is given to library sponsored or endorsed organization including the city of Elk River and the Friends of the Elk River Library
  • Not available for programs involving the sale, advertising, solicitation or promotion of memberships, classes or services. The room is not available for money raising events and no admission fee may be charged nor may a collection be taken. Presentations may not be for the direct commercial gain of the presenter and no solicitation or promotion of products of services of a particular business will be allowed
  • The number attending a meeting at on time may not exceed the capacity of the room (4)

Meeting Room Information

Meeting room reservations are managed through the City of Elk River. The room has both tables and chairs and can comfortably accommodate approximately 40 people. A projector is available with plug-ins for a laptop.

The meeting room is only available for use during regular library open hours.

Please see the Community Room Use Policy and Application for more information.

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