Big Lake Rooms

Meeting Room Summary

The Cargill Meeting Room holds up to 76 people, and has several large tables and chairs for use, as well as a small kitchen area. It is available only during regular Library hours: Monday: 2-7pm. Tuesday 10am-1pm; Wednesday: 2-6pm; Thursday: 2-6pm; Friday: 10am-5pm; Saturday 10am-1pm. All programs must end 15 minutes prior to the library closing.

Cost: The Cargill Meeting Room is available for community non-profit groups free of charge. Community for-profit businesses may rent the room for $50/hr. Non-community groups may use the room for $75/hr. (The Big Lake Library Services Coordinator reserves the right to waive fees for any for-profit entity if the purpose of the particular meeting approved is deemed to be charitable in nature.)

Fees: Groups may not charge any fees to attend meetings (this includes admission, tuition, or donations). No solicitation or promotion of products or services will be allowed except for book signings (sale of an author's book) and disk signings (sale of a musician's recordings) that are part of a library sponsored event, as outlined in GRRL's program policy.

Reservations: Reservations may be made in person, by phone, or online.

a.) Reservations may be made for the current month plus two (2) months in advance.

b.) Reservations must be made at least one (1) day prior to your meeting.

c.) The name and telephone number of a contact person must be provided when the reservation is made. (Also, before the room can be used, the contact person must fill out and sign a "Program Use Registration Form", available at the front desk.)

d.) The library reserves the right to reschedule or cancel Cargill Room reservations at any time in order to use the meeting room space for programs or events sponsored by the library. As much notice as possible will be provided to the group(s) affected by a change, and suggestions for other spaces will be made when possible.

Food: Light refreshments may be served. Each group is responsible to bring their own refreshments and necessary utensils. Use of tobacco products and all alcoholic beverages are prohibited in the library.

Set-up and Take-down: The library will not accept special requests for table, chair, or equipment configurations. The group may arrange tables and chairs to meet specific needs; however, they are responsible for returning the tables and chairs to their original positions after the meeting.

Damage: The contact person is responsible for any damage incurred during Cargill room usage.

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