Try It Yourself for checkout

This year has sure challenged us--we needed to come up with some new hobbies while at home!

Starting new hobbies can be challenging. You wonder, should I invest in everything to do the hobby? How do I learn to do it? What if I don't like it after I try? We have a solution for you! Test out a potential new hobby easily and without investing in equipment with the library's "Try It Yourself" kits. 

Each kit contains a how-to book and tools around a theme or topic. Our topics range from baseball to knitting to viewing the sky through a telescope. The checkout period is three weeks. Consumable items are not included. (ex. yarn) 

Check out a Try It Yourself kit by visiting this page in our catalog.

Donations fund these kits. Thank you to generous donors to the library (who give to our Year-End Campaign) that make this possible! Library supporter Mark Boyd of the Buffalo Rotary made our telescopes possible!



Baseball Kit with two baseballs and gloves and a book about baseball