Thankful for YOU!

Great River Regional Library is thankful for YOU, our library users! 

During November, we are frequently reminded to think of what we are thankful for with Thanksgiving around the corner. The library staff is very thankful for all of our library users. It is YOU that creates community in each library building. We do our best job of providing you exceptional service, operational excellence, and community focus.

What are you thankful for this season? 

Here are some of our GRRL stories from 2020:

"It has been a busy summer. Roland loves being read to and even flipping through his books by himself. He loves to point out things in the pictures that he knows, lifting flaps, and has a couple of favorites we read multiple times a day. We have a rocking chair we sit in a lot when we’re reading and I often find books stacked up on the chair ready to be read. We are really grateful the library is open so we can keep finding new books and keep reading. Roland pulls the books out before we get home to start looking at them whether we’re in the wagon or in the car. Hopefully, we’ll be by later today to pick up some more books." –Staci

"Yesterday I had a man come into the Swanville library and he was so pleased to be able to come in and was very impressed that we had a library in such a small community. He came in to use the computer and pick out a book. He also wanted to make copies and was very thankful for the help. He said 'Because of you the rest of my day will be better.' " –Cindy

"Last week I was helping a patron over the phone as she was having trouble using her OverDrive app to listen to audiobooks. As we resolved her issue, she commented about how she loves to listen to audiobooks, especially since her husband passed away a few months ago. She said that hearing the voice on an audiobook helps her to feel less lonely. And during this pandemic, she has not been able to have people visit her, so she has really appreciated the audiobooks." –Connie



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