"Read Down Your Fines" anytime with GRRL

It won't be long before summer break arrives - which means plenty of time for reading a good book!

And, students ages 16 and under who might be haunted by fines due to overdue items could use this as an opportunity to whittle away at them.

"Read Down Your Fines" is Great River Regional Library's (GRRL) simple way to lessen fine amounts: for every 15 minutes of reading at the library, $1 in late return fines will be eliminated. And, parents of young children can assist by reading to them.

You can "Read Down Your Fines" whenever the library is open. The goal is to encourage reading and make our young patrons feel welcome at the library - even if they do have some late fees looming.

"Read Down Your Fines" was introduced at Great River Regional Library in 2013. The program is available all year long, thanks to the generous support of our donors.

Visit your local GRRL location for more information.

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