Native American Heritage Month

Native American readingPlease join us in celebrating National Native American Heritage Month! It is an excellent time to take a moment and learn about the Indigenous and First Nations people of North America.

Click the links below to discover more about the wide array of cultural practices, historical narratives, and invaluable contributions of Native Americans. We welcome you to visit one of our 32 branch locations to learn more!


For more about Native American culture, contributions, history, and land, visit:

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Native Land (digital map):

National Museum of the American Indian:

30 Stories for 30 Days:

National Park Service: Indigenous Landscapes:


To learn more about the Anishinaabe (also known as Chippewa and/or Ojibwe) and the Dakota (also known as Sioux) of Minnesota, visit:

Explore MN:

MN Indian Tribes:

MN Historical Society:



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