National Car Care Month

April is National Car Care Month

What are you doing to show your vehicle some love? Look to ChiltonLibrary found on our website for your car’s maintenance intervals and service bulletins. 

Here are some car care tips from ChiltonLibrary:

  • Park your car facing east to defrost the windows in the morning.
  • A plunger will remove small dents.
  • Use wet newspaper to remove stubborn stickers on car windows.
  • The more keys on your chain, the more quickly your ignition lock/switch will fail.
  • Place a dryer sheet in your cabin filter to freshen your circulating air.
  • Putting your key fob to your chin will increase its range.
  • Prevent someone from stealing your registration sticker by cross-cutting it with a razor blade.
  • Toothpaste will clean foggy headlights and paint scuffs.
  • Hanging a tennis ball from your garage ceiling can help prevent parking too close to the garage wall.
  • 10 seconds of idling wastes more fuel than restarting your engine.

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