Library's 2011 Magazine List Gives You Variety And Choice

You have hundreds of choices of magazines from the library.

Great River Regional Library (GRRL) staff just finished the order process for magazines and newspapers at all 32 branches in 2011. The list runs to more than 600 entries beginning with AARP and ending with Zoobooks. You’ll find magazines about wood carving, travel, hot rods, horses, finance, gaming, antiques, organic gardening, and all the old favorites including Time, National Geographic, Popular Science and the Smithsonian.

Each year, library staff review the records to make sure magazines are being checked out and read. New items are ordered to replace any that sit on the shelf. Here are some of the new selections for 2011.

Mary Jane’s Farm, offering simple solutions for everyday organic, targeted at “farmgirls”
Mike Holmes Magazine, a home remodeling magazine based on the TV show in which Holmes transforms shoddy remodeling projects into successful ones
Musky Hunter Magazine
Life Beautiful, a Christian lifestyle magazine for women
Saint Austin Review, an international journal of Catholic culture, literature and ideas
Homeschooling Today, a journal of home discipleship
Solar Today, a magazine about renewable solar energy technologies

Magazines can be checked out, placed on hold and loaned between libraries within GRRL in the same way books and other items are. The only difference is that they spend an initial period (usually one month) in a binder on display to be read within the library, during which they do not check out.

To find a list of magazines available at the library, do a Title Keyword search of the catalog using periodical as your search term. Place your holds. Read at leisure.

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