Binge Boxes

Check out a Binge Box from your library and have a movie marathon this freezing winter!


Looking for a fun family night? Looking for a cozy, stay-at-home date night?  Maybe you are on a movie marathon kick? Library staff know movie marathons are all the rage--so we are here to help! 


You can check out a Binge Box by visiting your local library to see what is on the shelves, or you can look through our catalog to see all the different types we have. There's one for everyone! Each box contains a handful of movies organized around a genre and theme: from Westerns to Romance to Sci-Fi. The checkout period is seven days. To find them in the catalog, search: binge box


Donations fund these kits! The DVDs were donated discs. And the rest was made possible through donated dollars from those who give to our Year-End Campaign. Thank you all for helping make these fun kits possible.


Stacks of plastic Binge Boxes containing a selection of movies