Animal Stories

Great River Regional Library brings you Animal Stories!


Animal Stories is an easy take-home activity for families. This active learning program is meant to entice, excite, challenge, and bring together parent and child. 


The activity sheets are designed to be interactive between children and their caregivers. For example, with the coloring sheets, caregivers are encouraged to count the number of letters in the animal word and to ask questions like how the animal moves or how many legs it has. Questions like these help engage children's minds and build their understanding and abilities - even if they do not verbally answer.


Our Literacy Leadership VISTA (Volunteers in Service to America), Aden Osman, supported through AmeriCorps VISTA and Literacy Minnesota, has created this passive program to offer to families. Aden included best practices show that school readiness is much more than literacy skills. It also includes numeracy, language, social-emotional learning, fine motor skills, and more. 


This program is designed in levels by age, considering the different ranges of learning skills at an early age. You can use it as you see fit with different groups.

  1. Level 1: Babies-Toddlers
  2. Level 2: Preschoolers
  3. Level 3: Early Elementary



Level 1: Babies-Toddlers

Level 2: Preschoolers

Level 3: Early Elementary

BONUS Materials - coloring sheets of animal mamas with their babies


We have provided a brief survey for caregiver feedback (paper forms at the libraries or downloadable, or online survey through the QR code on the activity sheets). Feedback will help us improve the project and provide direction for more updated coloring and activity sheets.


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Animal Stories