2020 ShoStoWriMo Highlights

During December, the Great River Regional Library celebrates Short Story Writing Month (ShoStoWriMo). Teens and adults could enter in their unique stories about this historical image from the Stearns History Museum. We asked writers to compose their stories in only 33 words (since we have 33 locations), making it a real short story challenge!

Thank you to all who participated and enjoyed the challenge.

Here are some highlights:

  • "While across the sea our brave soldiers take up arms in defense of liberty, noblewomen gather in parlors and dens, taking up needle and thread in support of their just cause." - Lori, Cokato
  • "All eyes wept at the morning's sewing circle. Not a lady dared utter a word; every breath was sacred. For last night was the Annual Chili Cook-off, and Mabel was Head Judge." - B.T., Delano
  • "Rules for the Retro-Sewing Club meetings.
    1. Dress and hairstyles of the 1940s.
    2. Use your grandmother's sewing techniques.
    3. and a small libation (or two) at the end of the meeting." - Lois, Albany
  • "The Busy Bee Sewers gathered to make Christmas aprons. Peering through their bifocals, Harriet, Gertrude, Myrtle, and Florence worked diligently. But Violet, shrinking sullenly, sulked, "Irregularity. It has me down." The others simpered."  - Amy, Paynesville
  • "The hum of the women's sewing machines filled the silent room as they worked steadfastly on their Christmas gifts. Winter was finally here, and long underwear was in high demand for the menfolk." - Hatti, Little Falls
  • "Every year they gathered to sew their bags. Start with burlap, add some lace, a pouch for weights at the bottom. Big or small, the size didn't matter. The bodies always fit." - Kenny, Buffalo
  • "'Very impressive,' scoffed the supervisor. 'However, I am very disappointed in all of you…' The seamstresses all tried to act natural as the supervisor frowned, staring down. 'Nobody remembered my lunch!' she complained." - Andrew, St. Cloud


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