Donor Stories

Great River Regional Library is very appreciative of its generous donors.
We would like to acknowledge our Scholar-level donors by sharing their stories about their love for their library. 

Anonymous Donor

“The libraries deserve our respect and support, and if we can help in any way, we ought to,” anonymous donor states. With a lifetime giving of over $4,000, this anonymous donor and Board of Trustees member finds real value in the Great River Regional Library (GRRL). “I can’t think of anything more important than being able to read,” the donor expressed in our interview. By donating to the library, GRRL is able to enhance new collections and provide innovative library services. Each gift helps the library meet its service priority of literacy, so all users will have the resources they need to develop and improve their literacy skills.


Mark Thelen

Ann and Mark Thelen have always done a lot reading; especially Ann. In 1966, Mark learned there was something more to libraries after he had a significant experience with a librarian. When he was frustrated, trying to complete his first grad school assignment, a librarian at the University of Minnesota’s Walter Library included as a key suggestion, “How about a recent issue of the Czechoslovakian Economic Review.” “Hey now, a breakthrough!” admiring not just the aptness of the librarian’s idea; but also her apparent delight to be of help. 
Soon after, to his delight, he received the grade he wanted! Just one example of how the couple became determined to "pay it forward" to our local librarians whose careers are also so strongly-focused on helping the public. Mark and Ann, donors for about a dozen years, admire all the work of Great River Regional Library. Stopping by the St. Cloud Library almost weekly, Mark and Ann regularly check out both old and new books and every time they enter, they notice the number and diversity of the patrons and especially the children coming to the library. The children skip as they approach. Happy kids; happy future. Mark adds, “Yup, our relationship with St. Cloud Library is definitely a two-way street; we get as much or more as we give.”



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