Donate Materials

Great River Regional Library welcomes gifts of donated materials to benefit literacy throughout all of Central Minnesota. Book, music, and movie donations create maximum benefit in Central Minnesota:

  • $71,000 worth of donated materials was added to the collection in 2009
  • 3,000 additional items placed on our shelves were kept out of landfills
  • Material donated for library book sales generated dollars that benefited programming, library buildings and collections.

Thank you to all who gave generously!

Selection standards apply to materials donated for the collection just as they apply to materials purchased for the collection by our professional library staff. GRRL may choose to decline donated materials. If materials are accepted, there is no commitment by GRRL to add the items to the GRRL collection. Certain items may be sold if not needed in the collection. GRRL is unable to return items to donors if they are not selected for addition to the collection.

How To Donate Materials

Drop off items at your nearest GRRL branch any time it is open. The library provides an acknowledgment of receipt, which may be used for income tax purposes, stating the number and type of materials donated. The library does not assign a value to the materials. It is a donor's responsibility to determine the value of the donated materials.

What We Accept

A general guideline is that materials should be in good condition.

We accept:

  • Books
  • DVDs and VHS tapes
  • CDs and cassette tapes

We do NOT accept:

  • Encyclopedias older than 3 years
  • Textbooks older than 3 years
  • Reader’s Digest Condensed Books
  • Magazines
  • Conference proceedings or other such publications
  • Items with mold or water damage or in poor condition