Computer Shortcuts

Use the computer keyboard to simplify and speed things up.

These are the buttons you’ll be using:

Ctrl = Alt = Tab = F5 = Plus button = Minus button =

Note: Single letter keys are shown in upper case, but they do not need to be capitalized when using these shortcuts. You also don’t need to type the plus sign. The plus sign means that you should push the keys listed at the same time.

The Basics – most used shortcuts

  • Ctrl + A (selects all the text on a page)
  • Ctrl + C (copies the selected text or picture to the clipboard)
  • Ctrl + X (cuts the selected text or picture to the clipboard)
  • Ctrl + V (pastes the last item from the clipboard)

Internet Browser

  • Ctrl + T (opens a new tab)
  • Ctrl + Tab (cycles between open tabs)
  • F5 (reloads the page)

Programs and Applications

  • Ctrl + P (opens the print window)
  • Ctrl + S (opens the save window or saves the document)

Find and Navigate

  • Ctrl + F (opens the find utility, which is helpful if you’re trying to find specific text in a website or document)
  • Ctrl + Home (moves the cursor to the top or the beginning of a document)
  • Ctrl + End (moves the cursor to the bottom or the end of a document)


  • Ctrl + Plus sign (zooms in on the current window)
  • Ctrl + Minus sign (zooms out on the current window)
  • Alt + Tab (toggles between open programs)