Bi-folkal Kits

Bi-folkal kits help you create and present reminiscence programs.

Kits come with a program manual, slides and video and audio components, booklets, activities, hands-on items (pictures, sights, smells, and objects), skits, etc. that will involve program participants in using all five senses. Many kits have now been updated with DVD and CD components in addition to the older slide/tape formats.

The kits are designed to meet the needs of:

  • Older adults to recall the events of their past
  • The community to understand and honor the accomplishments of earlier generations
  • Families to understand and embrace sounds and visions of the past

You may reserve kits for a specific presentation date and the kit will be delivered to any GRRL branch in time for your presentation. Kits check out for 3 weeks and all the standard GRRL circulation policies such as overdue fines and charges do apply.

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