Upsala Answers Short, Short Story Challenge

In honor of Short Story Writing Month, 22 local 'authors' gave us their best short, short story based on the picture prompt.  GRRL is made up of 32 libraries, so 32 seemed the perfect number of words to give the best take on the picture prompt!  Teens and adults and even published well-known authors submitted short, short stories.  Here is a sampling of the stories we received:

Stinky socks, William's muscles ached. Three dollars earned today, enough for the mortician. Tomorrow the grocer. He couldn't give up. Cards? No way in hell. People depended on him.

Winter 1902, we were iron workers on the Mesabi Range. Conditions were hard, it was cold, pay was poor. Discouraged, some went back to the old country. I went to logging lumber.

That night, the boys and I huddled before the large wood stove watching our underwear dry. Later on, we all agreed THAT was the finest show we'd ever seen in Northern Minnesota!

I just got in from the woods. I take off my socks and sit up on the bed. It's almost dinner time when bang goes the pot and it's wild.
Dillon (teen)