Tell Your Story: StoryCorps Openings Still Available

StoryCorps will be at St. Cloud Public Library April 15-17; Melrose Public Library April 19-21, the Little Falls Carnegie Library May 16-18, and Staples Public Library May 20-22.

Here’s what one person told us after being interviewed by StoryCorps:
“I just have to express my admiration for StoryCorps and my gratitude to Matt and Yasmine who recorded me in Elk River, MN, yesterday… I had the privilege of speaking with Yasmine, a StoryCorps interviewer. And boy, did I rattle on. …I have to say my StoryCorps experience was everything I could’ve hoped for and more. StoryCorps is collecting a valuable resource for historians and future generations. It is also sharing the message that we all have stories—big stories, important stories—that shine a light on this amazingly varied experience we call life.”

StoryCorps is an independent, nationwide nonprofit project whose mission is to honor and celebrate one another’s lives through listening. StoryCorps interviews are completed in a private space using high quality recording equipment. They are designed to be conversations between people who are part of each other’s lives, such as friends and family. Or, if somebody chooses to come alone, a StoryCorps facilitator can be the interviewer. It’s an opportunity to celebrate the extraordinary lives of ordinary people. StoryCorps interviews are not rehearsed or read from notes, although interviewers are encouraged to create question lists. The interviews are recorded, and it is the choice of the participants to have their interview archived at the American Folklife Center at the Library of Congress. Each participant pair receives a broadcast-quality recording of their conversation immediately after the interview. A very small percentage of interviews are edited for broadcast on National Public Radio’s Morning Edition.

If you are interested in recording your own life story or the story of someone you know, contact our libraries.

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