Rosetta Stone® Language Learning Software Now Available

Great River Regional Library (GRRL) is now offering language learning software at St. Cloud, and has firm plans to provide it in Monticello and possibly elsewhere. Demand for language skills and language learning tools has increased with international business and travel as well as an increasingly diverse Minnesota population. Library users have asked for Rosetta Stone® to be available at the library, and now it is.

What Is Rosetta Stone?

Rosetta Stone is a leading provider of technology-based language learning software. Users work at a computer and receive language instruction through headphones and through the screen to create an immersion experience. It is designed to recreate instinctive language-learning experiences and simulate real-life situations in which to practice the language. Rosetta Stone has earned a reputation for being easy to use and an effective way to develop language skills.

What Languages are Available at the Library?

Languages were selected based on the presence of national or ethnic groups in communities as well as traditional and current demand for language instruction materials.

Arabic level 1
English levels 1 through 3
French levels 1 and 2
German levels 1 and 2
Italian levels 1 and 2
Japanese levels 1 through 3
Mandarin Chinese level 1
Spanish (Latin American) levels 1 through 5

Who Can Access Rosetta Stone?

Card holders who have access to GRRL services have access to Rosetta Stone at the library. GRRL’s Rosetta Stone license permits single-user on-site access. (The software cannot be downloaded to additional computers or checked out.) It is available on dedicated laptop computers in St. Cloud’s Computer Lab on the upper level. The lab can only be reserved through library staff. Rosetta Stone reservations are accepted in person, by telephone at 320-650-2500, by instant messaging and email. Reservations may be made up to one week in advance, for periods of up to two hours maximum during library open hours.

Future Plans

GRRL has plans in place to offer Rosetta Stone at Monticello, where staff expect it to be a popular service. Languages planned for Monticello are:

French level 1
Italian level 1
Mandarin Chinese level 1
Spanish (Latin American) levels 1 through 3

GRRL also expects to install Rosetta Stone at one more location still to be determined. If language learning software proves to be a high demand service, GRRL will consider expansion to other libraries or other languages.

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