It's Thrilling Fun!

“The Da Vinci Code” was a publishing phenomenon. Author Dan Brown’s books had previously enjoyed only minor success. Nothing suggested that “The Da Vinci Code” would sell more than 80 million copies and make Brown more than $200 million. But this was a book that found its audience with an unlikely protagonist battling powerful forces, and fast-paced, page turning action and plot twists galore.

If you enjoyed “The Da Vinci Code,” take a look at Great River Regional Library’s list of similar books as compiled by the library’s reference librarians. It’s a fun list, with thrillers about holy relics, Egyptologists and spymasters, and settings from Moscow, to Madrid, London and New York. Some well-known authors are included, such as Daniel Silva, Umberto Eco, and Iain Pears, and there are lots of new authors and titles to discover.

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