Find Something New

Great River Regional Library buys new materials every week - DVDs, books, music on CD, audiobooks. We buy thousands in the course of a year, and because we’re a public library we deliberately buy a broad variety, everything from comic books to classics. There are lots of ways to find what interests you. You could begin by doing a “General Keyword” search of the catalog and then sort the results by publication date. Your results will probably include magazines, videos, and books, maybe even some so new they are still on order and haven't yet arrived.

Another way to find new materials is to explore the New & Best lists. Look at the red bar across the top of the online catalog and you’ll see the New & Best Lists tag. Click on that and you find a page with more than 20 lists. You’ll see Music CDs, Spoken Word Compact Disc, Book Club Kits, AFI’s 100 Greatest Movies and many more. Staff maintain many of the lists, revising them as items are ordered so they change frequently. So stop by every month, browse the lists, read the reviews, click through to the online records and make your requests. Go ahead. Be generous with yourself.

Libraries are so much fun!

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