Enjoy Winter Reading

The 2011 winter reading program at Great River Regional Library (GRRL) includes some special incentives: two OverDrive-compatible mp3 players and two Barnes & Noble NOOK e-readers! (OverDrive provides the interface for GRRL’s digital library service with eBooks and eAudiobooks.)

Teens and adults who take part in the library’s “Snow is Falling, Books are Calling” winter reading program can qualify for the regional prizes and also for local prizes including mugs and canvas book bags provided at each of the 32 GRRL branch libraries.

The program ends Saturday, Feb. 26. It’s open to anyone in the sixth grade or older. All you need do is register for the program at a GRRL branch or register online and then pick up a drawing slip. There is no special reading requirement: you may read or listen to fiction or non-fiction books or audiobooks of your choice. We've created a list of reading suggestions to get you started. A slip can be turned in for every five books read (audiobooks count, too). You may turn in more than one drawing slip if you read additional books. Each of the 32 branch libraries in the GRRL system will have prize drawings.

“We believe reading is a valuable and healthy use of time, and we want to encourage that,” said Karen Pundsack, the library’s patron services coordinator. “A lot of people read more in the winter anyway, but this adds another level of fun and reward.”

Many GRRL branch libraries will schedule special events to complement the program theme and encourage winter reading. Visit our events page for more information about what’s going on in your local library.

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