Enjoy Kids Books

Children’s Book Week has been celebrated nationally since 1919 by schools, libraries, and bookstores. The idea began even earlier than that, in 1913, when the librarian of the Boy Scouts of America began touring the country to promote higher standards in children’s books.

Today, children’s books are exquisite. They’re educational, informative, entertaining and full of ideas and beautiful illustrations. They’re just terrific. At Great River Regional Library, we have a fabulous collection that includes all the classics as well as the most up-to-date selections, from board books through picture books and easy readers to chapter books.

Many of our staff have fond memories of the books they read when they were young. Most of the titles will be familiar to you. But if you visit the library you can find many more, with new selections arriving almost by the week.

Make sure you visit the library during Children’s Book Week and borrow a few books to read with the kids or the grandkids. Heck, they’re so much fun, take one home and read it to the cat!

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