E-books Are Growing, And Coming Here Soon

According to a July news release from Amazon.com, the online bookseller is now selling more books in e-format than in old-fashioned hardcover.

Reuters is reporting that Barnes & Noble is suffering from “a chronic decline in sales and shrinking cash flow.” Although Barnes & Noble is the world’s largest physical bookseller and has a 20 percent share of the e-book market, the rapid growth of e-book sales is cannibalizing its own sales and profits.

It’s a rapidly changing environment with new products appearing on the market frequently. But one thing’s for sure, some people are learning to love e-books.

At its July meeting, the Great River Regional Library Board of Trustees approved establishing an e-book collection. Staff are currently in the testing phase with e-book vendor Overdrive, and expect to have a downloadable option available for GRRL patrons in the fall. Testing is important, because the chosen option needs to work through the GRRL website without glitches.

Watch this space for news.

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