Library News: Clearwater

Clearwater volunteers Donna Holovnia and Susan Bloomer-Furey distributed 20 copies of "Montana Sky" by Nora Roberts for World Book Night. "They went really fast," said Holovnia. "It was fun talking to people about what they like to read. Some people were so excited to receive a free book." World Book Night is an independent event that happens across the world. Read more about it at
Clearwater Library patrons are showing their support of GRRL libraries through the High $5 fundraising campaign. Clearwater staff were photographed standing proudly in front of the display board which is filling up with High $5 hands. Each hand represents a High $5 donation. Forty percent of all monies raised at each branch remain at the branch for local purposes. The remaining 60 percent goes to support Great River Regional Library, providing benefits to library users at all 32 library...
Look who visited the Clearwater Library: library blogger Ellen McEvoy. Ellen has a quest to visit as many libraries across our land as she can and to post a blog about her experiences. She's making her way through Minnesota and Wisconsin when she's not taking care of her responsibilities at the Shoreview Library, where she works. You can check out her blog to see what she thought about the Clearwater Library and other libraries she has visited.