Check Out What's New, Best & Fun

Here’s a place where you can find new, best and fun items to check out from your library. It’s the New, Best & Fun tab on the Great River Regional Library catalog. This new tab opens a page of lists grouped under the following headings:

    Current Interest
    If you like…
    If you liked this program…
    If you’re looking for…
    Just for Fun
, and

You’ll find New lists for DVDs, Kids’ Picture Books, Nonfiction and many more. From Just for Fun, you can check out Books With Bite – Teen Vampire/Werewolf Fiction, and Great Movie Dresses. Some lists include books and CDs, or books and DVDs. For example, the All That Jazz list includes a biography of Louis Armstrong, and a book about “The Birth (and Death) of the Cool,” as well as great music CDs.

The New, Best & Fun page will forever be in development with new lists being created to help you find materials that are engaging, informative and entertaining. See what you can find. Check it out!

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