Arts, Cultural Heritage Programs Filling Events Calendar

Have you checked out the Great River Regional Library (GRRL) events calendar lately?

It’s filling up nicely.

In 2008, voters elected to dedicate funding to the preservation of Minnesota’s arts and cultural heritage. One result of that was money put aside for libraries so they can provide arts and culture programming. That funding is now taking effect at GRRL. Look at the calendar and here's some of what you'll see:

The Guthrie will teach teenagers about acting

Mixed Blood Theatre will stimulate minds

The Minnesota Zoomobile will educate youngsters about wildlife

Artists and musicians will perform and conduct workshops...

and more is being planned.

All these events are free of charge, courtesy of Minnesota’s taxpayers. Many of them do have attendance limits, so it’s wise to preregister.

Go to the library website events page to see what’s available. You can search by location, separate out the age groups you’re interested in, or even the kind of program.

Then come back in a few weeks and see what else has been added.

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