A Year In Reading: Dark and Sweet

What do these books have in common?

"Better Than Chocolate"
"Obsession, Deceit And Really Dark Chocolate"
"Friends, Lovers, Chocolate"

Or how about these nonfiction titles?

"Vanilla, Chocolate & Strawberry: The story of your favorite flavors"
"Chocolate Holidays: Unforgettable desserts for every season"
"I'd Rather Eat Chocolate: Learning to love my low libido"

Yep! There's a chocolate connection. February's Year In Reading challenge is to read a book with "Chocolate" in the title. Even though it's simplicity itself to search the catalog using the Title Keyword option, we've compiled a book list you can look through for ideas.

In case you missed it, the January challenge was to read a book from the Men Without Rules: Rogues, Rascals and Villains list.
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