2021 GRRL Regional Sustainability Plan

GRRL 2021 Regional Sustainability Plan

Service Priorities, Organizational Priorities, & Goals


All users will have access to reliable information sources in welcoming virtual or physical spaces that support community connection and engagement.

Goal 1: Residents will have clean and comfortable facilities that promote community connection and enhance physical library services access.

  1. Objective 1: Access inside the library
    • Local staff will develop displays and adjust spaces to enhance access to the collection and improve the wayfinding and usability of library facilities.
    • Collection Development will work on a weeding pilot to create a more browsable collection.
  2. Objective 2: Serve those who are homebound
    • A selection of local libraries will develop partnerships with community institutions and organizations that serve those unable to come to the library in person.
    • If local efforts demonstrate a sustained interest in homebound outreach, the regional library system will develop a plan to launch regional Mail-A-Book services.
  3. Objective 3: Support for at-home learners
    • A selection of local libraries will provide additional support and outreach for distance and home learners, with emphasis on providing in-library spaces and/or education on library resources.


We will be an empowered, engaged, well-trained staff ready to provide exceptional service.

Goal 1: Library users will encounter well-trained, engaged, and empowered team members at all libraries to meet their current and future information needs.

  1. Objective 1: Provide training to support access and awareness
    • Every library will have a public service staff member trained on each of the following topics: merchandising, wayfinding, electronic resources, reader’s advisory, content marketing, program assessment and evaluation, supervisor training (coaching and mentoring).
    • A selection of local libraries will standardized the process for new patrons to provide a more seamless experience.

Goal 2: The library provides consistent day-to-day operations and smooth transitions during times of staff absences and vacancies.

  1. Objective 1: Develop training and transition plan for the staff at all levels of the organization
    • Department heads will create clear procedures and implement cross-training for unique tasks.
    • Department heads will have a strategy to reallocate tasks to deal with potential openings and temporary gaps in coverage.
  2. Objective 2: Develop a strategy for continuity of operations
    • Department heads will identify what is in place if a key employee in a location is absent, unable to go to the library building, or leaves their position.


We will enhance our service to current and future patrons by embracing the diversity of our communities.

Goal 1: Residents will have a broader awareness of the library services available to them as potential users.

  1. Objective 1: Bring awareness of library services
    • Patron services staff will learn more about and implement merchandising strategies to highlight collections.
    • Content Workgroup will provide library staff with social media and marketing strategies that align with content marketing.
    • Communications and Information Technology departments will redesign the library’s website and update its infrastructure, including restructuring the database page for better accessibility.
  2. Objective 2: Continue efforts to address diversity, equity & inclusion in the library
    • DEI Committee members will analyze information from the Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Toolkit survey and work with the GRRL Board and staff to develop next action steps.
    • The DEI work group will complete action steps identified by staff in January 2020 to advance diversity, equity, and inclusion efforts within the workplace and through our services.


We will utilize resources effectively in order to be adaptable to future needs.

Goal 1: Library users will experience effective and efficient library service and up-to-date library technology each time they use GRRL through a well-maintained infrastructure focused on continuous improvement and process simplification.

  1. Objective 1: Network penetration testing
    • Information Technology will contract services to test network vulnerabilities.
  2. Objective 2: Improve wireless connectivity
    • Information Technology will update wireless equipment to improve service.
    • Information Technology will improve wireless accessibility.

Goal 2: Ensure stable and sustainable funding for regional library services for residents now and into the future.

  1. Objective 1: Develop a new fundraising plan that supports new and existing library services
    • Communications and Development will evaluate the previous fundraising plan developed by Library Strategies.
    • Work with the GRRL Fund Development Committee to create a fundraising plan for 2021-2026.