The Wolf And The Watchman: A Novel

Author(s): Niklas Natt och Dag
"Early one morning in the autumn of 1793, watchman Mikel Cardell is awakened from his drunken slumber with reports of a body seen floating in the Larder, once a pristine lake on Stockholm's Southern Isle, now a rancid bog. Efforts to identify the bizarrely mutilated corpse are entrusted to incorruptible lawyer Cecil Winge, who enlists Cardell's help to solve the case. But time is short: Winge's health is failing, the monarchy is in shambles, and whispered conspiracies and paranoia abound. Winge and Cardell become immersed in a brutal world of guttersnipes and thieves, mercenaries and madams...The rich and the poor, the pious and the fallen, the living and the dead--all collide and interconnect with the body pulled from the lake." -- Jacket flap.
Format: Book
Call Number: FIC Nat