Rust : A Memoir Of Steel And Grit

Author(s): Eliese Colette Goldbach
A memoir of grit and tenacity, as one young woman returns to the conservative hometown she always longed to escape to earn a living in the steel mill that casts a shadow over Cleveland. To ArcelorMittal Steel Eliese is known as #6691: Utility Worker, but this was never her dream. Fresh out of college, Eliese found herself applying for a job at the local steel mill. The mill is everything she was trying to escape, but it's also her only shot at financial security in an economically devastated and forgotten part of America. Here she brings the reader inside the belly of the mill and the middle American upbringing that brought her there in the first place. She takes a long and intimate look at her Rust Belt childhood and struggles to reconcile her desire to leave without turning her back on the people she's come to love. Faced with the financial promise of a steelworker's paycheck, and the very real dangers of working in this environment, Eliese finds unexpected warmth and camaraderie among the gruff men she labors beside each day. In the most unlikely and hellish of places, Eliese discovers the hope that begins to grow.-- From statement provided by publisher.
Format: Book
Call Number: B Gol
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