In Love With My Enemy

Author(s): author A'zayler
Beautiful and educated, with just enough Atlanta street smarts to give her a sexy edge, hood-princess Danna Mendoza has a dream life. Her temporary bodyguard-turned-undercover lover Don makes it complete. As her father’s best friend and longtime drug partner, Don’s devoted to keeping her safe. But Don’s underlying vendetta against her father is one danger Danna never saw coming. Cannon Collier has finally found her way in the world--as the newfound love interest of handsome basketball superstar on the rise, Ezra Mendoza. But Ezra doesn’t plan on falling for her. And he doesn’t plan on her becoming a casualty of his father’s game. But things don’t always go as planned. And soon, all hell will break loose, loyalties will be torn, and the tension between love, desire, and a thirst for revenge will converge at a fateful crossroads.
Format: Book
Call Number: FIC Aza
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