GRRL Branch Facility Non-Compliance Process

GRRL Branch Facility Non-Compliance Process admin Thu, 07/28/2016 - 11:06

The following steps will be followed if a GRRL facility is in need of updates or out of compliance with GRRL standards:

  1. GRRL management and local staff will notify city officials of facility branch agreement non-compliance issues, such as maintenance needs, wiring requirements, or safety concerns.
  2. GRRL management and local staff will work with city officials to develop an action plan to address identified issues.
  3. All notifications and actions will be included in management and building reports to the GRRL Board of Trustees.
  4. If unsatisfactory response from the city, management will share concerns with the GRRL Board and request approval of next steps for action. These steps will include:
    • An identified timeline for improvements based on safety, security and/or other issues.
    • Presentation of the city's response to management concerns (if any).
    • Proposed level/s of response if GRRL needs/expectations are not met.

If issues remain unresolved for an unsatisfactory amount of time, GRRL Board may vote to suspend services as outlined in the GRRL Branch Agreement.

Approved Date: 07/19/16
Effective Date:
Revised Date: 03/19/19