Administration Policies: Service

Administration Policies: Service

Chapter 4. Service

4A. Intellectual Freedom

Library user needs are top priorities for Great River Regional Library. Our goal is to anticipate those needs, fulfill them the best we can, and provide our users with a rewarding and enriching experience. GRRL affirms the American Library Association’s Library Bill of Rights, Freedom to View and Freedom to Read policy statements.

Library service, both to those who enter the library and to those who cannot, shall be based on the principle that an individual may be motivated to read, assisted in locating appropriate materials and information, and helped in the mechanics of the use of the library tools and materials insofar as time and resources are available.

Great River Regional Library is committed to developing, organizing and making available to the public a useful collection of books and information resources. Public libraries play an essential part in the preservation of a free and democratic society by providing the public with access to the broadest possible range of information and ideas. Access to GRRL materials will be provided without prejudicial labeling or sequestering by content. Access to materials not owned by GRRL may be limited by lack of availability to purchase or Interlibrary Loan.

GRRL recognizes that affirming intellectual freedom principles will mean that the library provides access to materials containing information and ideas that may be controversial, unconventional, unpopular and offensive to some.

GRRL recognizes the right of each individual to make their own judgments regarding the content of the information they wish to read, listen to or view and that standards of privacy and confidentiality outlined in GRRL policy will be applied.

Parents and legal guardians are responsible for their minor children’s use of library materials. GRRL does not limit the use of any materials by age with the exception of Video & DVD material with an MPA "R" rating. "R" rated video material will not be checked out to anyone under 17 years of age.

GRRL provides free access to the Internet in each of the libraries. Library Internet stations have filtering software installed in accordance with the Child Internet Protection Act. GRRL also has an Internet Acceptable Use Policy which details the rights of library users.

4B. Access to Library Services

The library welcomes all users. Users are responsible to follow the locally adopted rules of behavior and GRRL Security Policy.

The rights of an individual to use the library, its services and its materials, shall not be denied or abridged because of age, race, gender, religion, national origin, sexual orientation, mental or physical handicap, or social or political views.

It is the intent of the Great River Regional Public Library to serve everyone equally and to assure access to library materials, programs and facilities for all persons. The library will make efforts to provide reasonable accommodations as necessary under the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA).

Libraries shall be open the greatest number of hours needed by the community, subject to limitation of funds available to provide adequate staff. Reductions in regular hours of service shall be subject to approval by the Board. Emergency closing shall be the responsibility of the Executive Director or designee.

4C. Surveys, Solicitation and Literature Distribution

Great River Regional Library will keep citizens informed about library issues and services and obtain feedback about citizen concerns to engage its citizens in the development and use of GRRL services.

4C.1 Surveys

In order to plan for new or improved services, the library may survey its users or other members of the community. These surveys may be conducted in the library buildings, by telephone or by mail, online or by any other appropriate method. Surveys may be designed and/or completed by staff or third party vendors or volunteers approved by the library.

Surveys of library staff may be conducted for the purpose of pre-testing public surveys, or to obtain staff opinions on services or personnel issues.

All survey instruments, methodology and implementation procedures must be approved by the Executive Director prior to contacting any members of the staff or members of the public.

Individuals or organizations that wish to conduct any type of library survey with staff or patrons must receive written permission from the Executive Director.

4C.2 Solicitation and Literature Distribution

Solicitation of the staff or the public, in ways which are of benefit to the library and/or its employees, are permitted as follows:

  1. As a public service, GRRL may make limited space available within library buildings to distribute free publications or post community announcements. Free publications or postings from the community will be made available in a designated space at the discretion of library staff. Priority will be given to GRRL produced publications or postings. Materials posted or left for free distribution are subject to review by library staff and may be discarded. The library does not endorse nor take a position on any of the views presented in free publications or in items posted for community viewing. See also Patron Services Policy 4C. Exhibits and Bulletin Boards.
  2. Solicitation and/or distribution of literature to library employees by other employees may be permitted only in non-work areas and only during non-work time. Non-work areas are defined as staff rooms. Non-work time includes time allotted for meals and break periods. In no event shall literature be left on tables or distributed in any manner other than directly to fellow employees, except for literature that specifically supports the library’s goals for professional development in public service. Solicitation and/or distribution of literature to library employees by other employees for any purpose is prohibited at all times in all work areas of the library. See also GRRL Personnel Policy 2R. Solicitation and Distribution Policy.
  3. Gathering petition signatures is not allowed within library buildings. It is allowed on library property so long as doing so does not obstruct the building’s entrances or exits.
  4. Other solicitation which specifically support the interests of this library or libraries in general, as approved by the Executive Director.

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