Administration Policies: Cooperation for Development of Public Library Service

Administration Policies: Cooperation for Development of Public Library Service

Chapter 1. Cooperation for Development of Public Library Service

To develop and increase effective library service and to strengthen resources, the library shall cooperate with and take advantage of the services offered by the Minnesota Department of Education State Library Services. The development of maximum effective library service shall be promoted through cooperation with other libraries and institutions in the area and state, through membership in the Central Minnesota Library Exchange (CMLE), and through participation in Council of Regional Public Library Administrators (CRPSLA), MINITEX Library Information Network and Minnesota Library Information Network (MNLINK). The library shall maintain institutional memberships in the American Library Association and the Minnesota Library Association.

Recognizing the advantage to the citizens of the community, the library will participate in such cooperative services as reciprocal book return, interlibrary loans, library delivery and such other services as may be economically feasible and efficient. Generally, the library shall not duplicate special services being furnished to agencies or individuals in the community by another library system, but will promote and advertise the availability of these services.

There is an inter-relationship between libraries of all types, and services may overlap between public and non-public libraries. In order to expand access and services and to seek more efficient methods of operation, GRRL will seek collaborative relationships with academic, school and other libraries.

The public library complements and supplements school libraries and media centers but carries the broader responsibility to the total community. Whenever possible, GRRL will make an effort to supplement the curriculum of local schools and develop complementary services.

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Revised Date: 03/19/19

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